Affordable Luxury can help you get the best price for your luxury bag and accessory!

You will be able to sell your luxury item through online store and reach a huge number of potential buyers. The item itself is also for sale in one of our two exclusive boutiques in Stockholm, Sweden. You can send a request via our online-form including photos of your item, via e-mail to or by visiting or calling our boutiques/showrooms in Stockholm.


There are two ways to sell your item - either by consignment or a direct sale to us. Please note that Affordable Luxury makes the final decision whether the item can be bought directly or not.


If you choose any of the alternatives above that don't include a visit to our stores, a contract will be sent to you when we have agreed on a price. Afterwards, you send the contract along with the item(s) you wish to sell to us. When we receive your item(s), money will be transferred to your bank account within 2-4 business days.