How To Sell

You can sell your item(s) to us through two options – either by consignment or direct sale.
Start by sending a request via our online-form, including photos and a short description of your item(s). You may also personally bring your item(s) to our boutique in Sturegallerian, Stockholm.
If you have a large amount of items that you wish to sell, we recommend you to book a sales meeting with our experts either by calling +46(0) 733 873 777 or by emailing us at:
If you want to earn fast money and avoid the average sales period of 2-6 weeks, you may sell them directly to us.
The direct-buy-alternative means a high and fast payout.
Affordable Luxury offers competitive prices that are based on the item´s condition and popularity.
Once we receive your item(s) and the final quote have been made, money will be inserted to your bank account within 1-3 business days.
Customers also have the opportunity to receive cash payments by visiting our physical store location.
This selling method is recommended if you don´t mind waiting to earn extra money.
Our goal is to sell your item(s) to the highest price possible within four weeks.
Affordable Luxury offers a professional presentation, maximum exposure and fast sales. Most items sell within 2-8 weeks, while popular models can sell within a few days.
Once you accept our buyout or consignment offer, you may ship your items to us or bring them personally to our store in Sturegallerian, Stockholm.
We offer free, insured and trackable door to door shipping.
You may also drop in and sell your item(s) in our store, everyday of the week.
1. Drop-in sales without booking
2. We clean and check all bags/products
3. Information on shipping and packing
4. Buyers can pickup the bag/product in-store
5. Fast hassle-free payments
6. You can trade your bag/product with another product
7. Ability to obtain a gift voucher instead of payout and get paid 5-10% extra