Consignment is an agreement between the consignee (reseller/us) and the consignor (supplier/you).
This is a method we recommended if you don´t mind waiting to earn extra money.
Our goal is to sell your item(s) to the highest price possible within four weeks.
We will pay for your item(s) when it has been sold.
Affordable Luxury offers a professional presentation, maximum exposure and fast sales.
Most items sell within 2-8 weeks, while popular models may sell within a few days.


Here is how it works:

  1. Submit photos and information about your items through our online form
  2. Alternatively drop in at any time during our opening hours and sell your item(s) in-store.
  3. Get a consignment offer, accept it.
  4. Ship it and get payed when the item(s) within five business days after your item(s) have been sold.
We offer free, insured and trackable door to door shipping when selling with us.