Authenticity Guaranteed

We guarantee authenticity in all our products – or 100% of your money back.

We know that the luxury-resale industry, also known as the second-hand market can be overwhelming sometimes – it is very difficult to know whether the item is authentic or not. Our main priority is to make sure that our customers feel safe when shopping with us. Therefore we offer a lifetime guarantee and will refund your money if you ever find that your purchase is not authentic.

Authentication and quality control is one of our companies core founding pillars. Our team of in-house specialists have years of experience and are well trained to identify counterfeits. All of our items go through a very thorough inspection and research in order to ensure that the item conforms to the original standard of the manufacturer.

Before an item is put on sale our in-house specialists examine the hardware, stitches, material, date code, serial number among many things.